A Word from MGHH

We, at Middle Georgia Haunted History, have noticed the size of our following and how it can now directly affect the areas we discuss here.  For that reason, we must address some issues., because we never want to hurt our community.

The first is if you’ve come here to find places to go “ghost hunt” and trespass, vandalize, and/or desecrate in any form or fashion, we ask that you un-follow us now.  We condemn those actions at all times.  You will be banned from our site, social media and writings forever should you used our site to do anything like this.

The second issue is that all cemeteries we cover have real people in them with real families and loved ones.  Treat every place you go to as if your loved ones were there.  When we share cemeteries, we only do so after we’ve found them, and they are popular sites prior to us being there.  Our love for preservation of historical sites is the same for cemeteries, if not more, whether it’s historic or not.  Go there during the day only (unless you’ve obtained proper permission). If you really want to make a difference, talk to the grounds keeper and take a monument cleaner brush, maybe a weed eater, a bush trimmer, and do your part for the community those cemeteries serve. While you’re there, bringing flowers, picking up fallen flowers, and even dusting off tombstones can help you pay your respects.  If you see a destroyed grave, look that family up and see how you can help fix the problem.  If we can get people involved in their communities and cemeteries to do these things, we can say we made a change.  Cemeteries are a great place to learn the history of an area.

The final is that the community we wish to build here is one where everyone exercises respect, kindness, and dignity to everyone both living and deceased.  One where libraries are full and families come together and share stories of the past.  It is up to all of us and you to help Middle Georgia be the best place to live.  If you do not share these same goals, we ask that you leave this site for good and reflect upon yourself as to why you don’t want to make things better.  Please always refer to our pinned post or reach out to us for anything we can do to help.

We work very hard to go out of our way to make sure bad things don’t happen to places we cover.  We also try our best to make sure everything is as accurate as possible.  We do this for you and all of Middle Georgia.  As we’ve mentioned before, we do want to leave every place we’ve visited better than we found it.  We need your help to do that.

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Middle Georgia’s History Uncovered was formally known as Middle Georgia Haunted History. I would like to thank the amazing group of people that helped me write and develop MGHH as it grew. It was an honor to be a part of a team that involved you. You all know who you are.

The name and focus changed because it allowed me, a history buff and author, to cover subjects on a broader scale. No need to fear, though, I still cover “haunted” locations. Send an email and it will be explored!

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