Ladies and Gentlemen, Mrs. Ellie Loudermilk

One of the most amazing parts about doing what we do here at Middle Georgia Haunted History is meeting new people and learning from them.  Our local author we have chosen for tonight turned out to be one the greatest friends we’ve ever made, as she has continued to be a constant reminder for our love of history.  So, without further ado, our Local Author Spotlight goes to Mrs. Ellie Loudermilk!  As the founder of Middle Georgia’s History Uncovered (Middle Georgia Haunted History), I am proud to present a history lesson on Mrs. Loudermilk. 

Born one of 10 children, Ellie would go on to marry her wonderful husband (and college sweetheart) Bill Loudermilk after just their freshman year in college.  Speaking of college, Ellie (along with Bill) graduated in 1971 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education.  She began teaching in Houston County.  Her education didn’t stop there as she would go on to earn a Master’s Degree in Business along with an Education Specialist Degree in School Administration.  To say that she is educated, to me, is an understatement.  (This all came from the back of her book, A Ramble Through Olde Perry, which I will discuss shortly.)  She is also the proud mother of three children and Grandmother for Emma, Grant, John David, Norah, Sallie, Will and Beth Ann Loudermilk along with grandson Kyle Underwood.

Ellie truly has the heart of a servant and the will of the strongest of men (and women, of course).  She currently serves as the President of the Perry Area Historical Society and also as the Director of the Perry Area Historical Museum and that’s just scratching the surface.  She is also known to give community presentations on genealogy, the history of Perry (and Houston County) along with education.  She has served on both the Board of Directors for Perry Volunteer Outreach and Perry Crisis Pregnancy Center.  During her time with Perry Volunteer Outreach, she also served as a volunteer for disaster relief after Hurricane Katrina.  Ellie has even served as Co-Director for a Smithsonian Exhibit known as “New Harmonies” in 2012!  We are convinced there are not very many things she hasn’t done.  Speaking of, we have some more ground to cover.

Along with being a teacher, she was also the Technology Coordinator for Perry High School.  Our favorite book, A Ramble Through Olde Perry, was written after 32 years of her dedication to learning and gathering the history of Perry (according to the foreword author) and, to us and any history buff, is a thoroughly researched and well planned blueprint to what Perry once was.  That is a small token compared to her other books and writings (like books covering the history of Grovania and Elko, in which you can find and buy at the Museum!).

In addition, along the way, Ellie has assisted several people with writing books ranging from biographies all the way to gardening books.  This also speaks to the gentleness of her heart.  If you’ve ever done a historical Perry walking tour, a cell phone history tour, researched genealogy at the museum, or been on a tour through Evergreen Cemetery, you have her to thank as well. I know I am short-changing her and missing MANY accomplishments, books and services, but I wanted to paint a picture for you on what it takes to do what she does. I know for a fact, there is probably not anyone more determined to get the true “actual and factual” history for Perry and the Surrounding area.  Remember,  this was our first fundraiser and what you all donated to.  Keeping all of that in mind, There’s a few other words I personally want to say about Mrs. Loudermilk.

Ellie has been a friend and ally to me and Middle Georgia Haunted History.  I know when she first heard our name she wanted to run away, but she intently listened and gave me a chance.  In doing so, she actually (unknowingly) stopped me from dissolving MGHH and this page.  While making frequent visits to the Perry Area Historical Museum, I have learned so much about not only Perry, but myself and the direction I wanted to take Middle Georgia Haunted History.  Her strength in her faith, along with her love and commitment to her husband and family have made me want to be a better Christ follower and husband to my own wife.  Ellie, I know you’re going to read this and I simply can’t thank you enough.  While this page and my work are not affiliated with her organization and what she does, it certainly has become what it is today in major part due to her presentation of everything I’ve written above and so much more.  My prayer for her is that her name and work will never be taken for granted or forgotten.  That her service, in both her church and community, becomes a spark for a younger generation to follow that very same path  (which is why I chose her for the Spotlight).  More importantly,  my prayer is that Ellie and Bill continue a long and blessed life while continuing to inspire others in so many ways.  Congratulations, Ellie, on an amazing journey you’ve embarked on and continue to embrace.  Perry, and us, are very lucky to have you!

Hey!  We hope you enjoyed our second Local Author Spotlight!  You can the Perry Area Historical Museum to learn more about her work.  You can also visit the museum to find her books and also to meet her and Wayne!  Visiting that museum is something you will not regret!

Please note:  Ellie and the Perry Area Historical Society are history focused and not “hauntings” focused, much like myself but even more.  Visiting the museum should only be done in the interest of learning about genealogy and/or the history of Houston County or surrounding areas.


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