Lost Confederate Treasure?

Hidden treasure?

There is something exciting about missing bits of historical stories.  Especially when there may be a hidden treasure involved.  As if it were part of a movie, there is a very real and very true tale that goes back to the end of the Civil War.  Or so we’re told.  In this case, leading up to the Jefferson Davis story, we explore the missing treasure of the Confederates.

When we first came across this subject, we actually chuckled at the fact that it could be real.  Certainly something like this doesn’t exist, right?  Wrong.  Just about every historical society we’ve spoken to has agreed that it does exist.  Oddly, they all have different ideas of where it may be today. 

At the end of the Civil War, Jefferson Davis, who was the president of the Confederate States of America, went on the run as a fugitive through Georgia.  It’s very easy to look up the path he took, and where he was eventually captured in 1865.  Something that history leaves out is that he wasn’t the only one on the run.  Again, there are different variations of this tale, but it’s said that once they realized there was no way out, they took their gold and hid it away.  Most, if not all stories point to the fact that the amount was $300,000 worth of gold and precious metals.  Today, that would be worth over 10 million dollars

As we’ve pointed out, most books we’ve read and people we’ve spoken to believe that it’s real.  Meaning there could be millions of dollars out there somewhere hidden right here in Middle Georgia.  Some say it’s in Bibb County, others say Greene County.  There’s even tales of it being on the Oconee River.  One thing they all seem to have in common is that it follows the Jefferson Davis Trail.

Yes, some say the chase of the treasure is cursed.  Some say it even has a supernatural force protecting it.  Or, is it even real?  We’ll let you do the research and decide!

Courtesy of warhistroyonline.com


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