The Case for MGHH

One of the biggest (if not the biggest) questions we get is the following: Do you believe in “hauntings” “ghost” “spirits” or anything of the sort? We thought we’d share our opinion on it so all of our followers would understand.  Please know that we in no way, shape, or form are not bashing any other beliefs about this subject.  We are open here.  Now that we’ve said that, frankly, it’s a loaded question, so let’s unpack it.

It has been our experience in dealing with well-known “haunted legends” that most of the time they turn out to be just that, legends and nothing more.  It’s common knowledge to our long-term followers that our interest is history only.  The paranormal is something we never debate in our stories.  We use these posts to try and get you involved in your local history.  An added bonus is that they go hand in hand.  Oftentimes, sadly, paranormal stories ruin a location.

The reason we use “haunted” locations can be explained with three answers.  The first is that they almost always contain historical significance.  The second is that, usually, that legend or story about the history is wrong or fabricated, but the truth is much more interesting.  The third reason is that the paranormal genre is the hottest thing right now in the media.  Undeniably, most streaming apps or cable channels have some sort of “ghost” show and it’s usually the most popular of that said app or channel.  Why not use that fuel to help build a better community?

It’s a sad fact that historians are disappearing and not coming back.  We’ve found that all historical societies are almost always run by older generations.  Once they are gone, they are not replaced.  On the other hand, most paranormal enthusiasts are either younger or middle aged.  We are trying to bridge the gap.  If one young person sees our posts or any of the many books or websites we share, and it sparks their interest enough to want to head a foundation or help preserve their local history, we’ve done our job.  At least one of the many goals we have would be fulfilled.

We know what you’re thinking. So, Middle Georgia Haunted History, do you believe in ghosts or not?  The answer is both yes and no.  There is certainly something strange going on in certain areas.  That’s a fact that simply can’t be ignored.  So far, however, it’s never been proven.  We also don’t believe there will ever be a way to prove it.

We may catch some heat for the following opinion we share as a team, but we want to be open with you.  Question:  Do we think it’s humans that have passed on? Answer:  Hard no.  Our short answer is that we believe people are witnessing a spirit (not human) of some sort, maybe even demons.  (Wouldn’t it make sense for them to mimic a loved one that’s passed to earn your trust?)  We know, we know, that’s upsetting to some of you.  We’ll explain why we collectively believe that.

To our knowledge, most ancient or major religious beliefs speak nothing about humans coming back to earth as ghosts.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  Both the Bible and Quran warn against it.  Both mention demons or jinn.  Both warn against what we call the paranormal field, calling it witchcraft.  There are some “new age” versions that differ.   Religion may not be the answer, but it’s the only “guidelines” we have to go by.

Our First Logo

If you’re wondering, we are all Christians.  Interestingly, we’ve actually heard what some would consider valid arguments as to what these religious texts say about “hauntings” and “ghosts” and that they actually prove ghosts exist and are human.  We are all entitled to our own opinions and all are welcomed in our group here so long as you are respectful.  With that said, we never simply dismiss a “paranormal claim” when we hear one.  We’re open minded.  So like we said before, yes we believe that the paranormal is real and no we don’t believe it.

We hope that all of you, along with us, can get together and have a great discussion about this one day.  It’s healthy to have civilized conversations about this with the right people.  We will say this, we do not think we know everything either.  We may be completely wrong.  Keep your comments considerate and respectful, no one has ever been banned from our pages or site, we don’t want to start today.



This story is very special to me. It shows the evolution of my writings and of the team that was helping me during those days. From the original “Middle Georgia Haunted History” logo, to the second one, it really showed the ins and outs of what was in the thoughts of my partner and myself. Today and moving forward, I still stand by my thoughts in this story and carry it into the new horizon which is Middle Georgia’s History Uncovered!

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