The Case of The Middle Georgia Shape Shifter

How many times do we have to say it?  Never trespass

Could there be a shape-shifting like being lurking around the river and surrounding cemeteries?  We first heard about it and laughed, but then we kept hearing about it.  We decided to do some digging.   Here’s what we found and our issues with this tale.

During the beginning of our journey, we were just starting out with local legends we already knew about.  You know, the ones that were so intriguing to us many years ago as teenagers.  Funny enough, once we figured out the real history of those locations, they lost their mystique to us.  It almost felt silly at that point that we were ever intrigued with such places to begin with.  A light bulb went off with so many ideas of how we could use that for the good and preservation of historical sites that were often trespassed upon or even vandalized.  We then set out for more locations and stories.  A team was assembled and this group was born.

One of the first legends we found was titled “The Shape Shifter of Rose Hill Cemetery.”  It seemed so ridiculous, we passed it up.  Then, we found a video posted to YouTube.  Blatantly showing people trespassing through Rose Hill at night, which is why we will not be sharing it, but it did show some figure that was probably a person in the shadows.  That’s a cardinal sin with usIn fact, it’s the quickest way to get banned here.  Never ever trespass in a cemetery after dark. Nonetheless, it was the second time we heard of the being.  The third time was actually by a local we just happened to run across in a restaurant nearby that noticed our shirts with our logo.  They told us their story about this creature and how it’s been spotted.  We felt like we could no longer ignore it and had to address it.  Something worth mentioning is that we’ve asked many more local people about this, and they have never heard of it.  That should speak volumes to this tale.

So why would we discuss a story about something we are positive is not real?  To make a point.  Rose Hill Cemetery is one of dozens of burial grounds in Middle Georgia we have studied and walked through.  We’ve docked many hours in those locations, but Rose Hill is the one where we spent the most time earlier on.  We gathered dozens of stories that we can share with you later about Rose hill. In addition, during our hours and days spent there, never once did we witness anything out of the ordinary (other than some strange actions of some people).

A Case for Another Time. Photo Courtesy of MGHH

You see, the actual creature we wanted to cover here was the one that plagues Macon and its absolutely stunning and beautiful historic locations and cemeteries.  One that will ruin them faster than time itself.  That monster we speak of is very real.  It’s people who are inconsiderate to laws, rules and regulations of these said locations and cemeteries.  They are in place for a reason and, frankly, the desecration in these areas are sickening.

Damage Causes by Vandalism in Rose Hill Cemetery.  Photo Courtesy of MGHH

Before you can say “these people had permission” it’s highly unlikely.  We’ve spoken to the exact people who would be the ones to grant permission to Rose Hill Cemetery at night and we can tell you it’s next to impossible to get it approved unless you’re on one of their tours.

Our hope by posting this and using this topic was to teach you that there is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.  Paranormal groups, ghost hunters, teenagers and everything in between who are going to Rose hill at night are harming the place more than helping it.  Besides, it’s a resting place.  Why attempt to disturb it?  We need to have a healthy discussion, as adults, and understand that awareness of stories like the shape-shifter, can promote bad things to those areas

Middle Georgia Haunted History is dedicated to helping in any form possible to stop these actions if we’re ever asked to.  We are thankful for our followers and hopefully you can understand why we are so passionate about what we do.  With any luck, we can ignite that same amount of love for history within you!

Hey!  We hope you enjoyed our week.  Yes we did do some digging into the actual shape-shifter figure and found very little.  We will do a follow-up on it when the time is right.  Our hope here, however, is that now, when you spot groups taking pictures out in these places at night, ask them where they got their permission from.  You’ll likely hear that they didn’t have it, “but nobody will stop us.”  We are proud of the work we do and the people who follow us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Photo Courtesy of MGHH


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