The Case of the UFO Crash (Columbus)

When you think of history, you probably think of events that have long passed by. Maybe, perhaps, you think of a prominent person like George Washington, or even Martin Luther King Jr. For some, it could be a time period like “Colonial” or “medieval” times. The truth is, history is anything in the past. That opens up a world full of wonder and mystery when it comes to a history researcher. After all, every single mystery is now, in fact, history. With this one, lets have some fun together and explore a story that keeps popping up in my research. One that tells of a UFO that crashed in Columbus Georgia. Did it really happen? This is the case of the UFO crash.

One of the biggest parts of our weird and uncanny history is the millions of stories about UFOs (unidentified flying objects) which are now known as UAPs unidentified aerial phenomenon). It’s no secret, millions of them are faked, or appear to be fabricated. There are those that stick out more than others. Like the tales where they crash, followed by a “cover-up”. Think big here, everyone has heard of Roswell, New Mexico, right? Ask yourself why that place is so famous. Likely, you too have heard of the supposed UFO crash turned weather balloon. What if I told you Georgia has its own Roswell event, and it’s not even in Roswell Georgia!

In the book “Eerie Georgia” by Jim Miles, you’ll find his discussions about an unidentified man who reported this “crash” that supposedly happened in November of 2006. After some research, I found 2 personal stories and even YouTube videos that back up the claims. One video even shows a supposed crater where the craft hit the earth. This man appears to be a local and did a “depth [sic] search” into this case. (At the end of this, I’ll go deeper into that video and share a link). Before I converse through our opinion about it, allow me to share the narrative as told by Mr. Miles. (I’m going to summarizing, if you want to read the entire story, please buy “Eerie Georgia” for this and MANY other incredible subjects related to Georgia).

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According to Miles, on that mysterious evening, many credible witnesses came forward to report a “bright object crashed into the trees.” Expecting an airplane crash, firefighters, EMTs, police and some other “unknown personnel” from near by Fort Benning arrived to the crash site (which was off of US 80 and Macon road, according to WTVM Channel 9). Once they all arrived, Georgia State Patrol got involved and a “5 hour search” was under way. What did they find?Nothing.”

Despite the finding of nothing, it was reported that several large semi-truck style vehicles came to the site, while it remained off limits to the public. Reports state that something was loaded up from the crash site and hauled off… even after finding nothing.

The local FAA and Army base both said nothing significant showed up on their radar that night. However, a “lead meteorologist” in the area stated that they did indeed have a hit on their radar around that exact time. (Continued after ad)


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Later, the man who Jim was quoting, said that there was an unmarked plane that came to the near by airport. It’s paint job was strange and he wanted to take a picture of it with his cell phone. Only, the phone was disabled and remained that way until the plane was already in the air. He described the plane as being “white washed.” After three calls to the airport administration office, they said that “no plane had taken off during that time frame.

Now that you’ve got the story, here is what I think: something strange and worth covering up likely happened. Yes, everyone’s mind wants to go to “aliens” but what you are forgetting is that there is a base next to this and several other Air Force Bases within driving distance. Could it be just a top secret plane or aircraft that was in the middle of a test flight that crashed? One that we are not supposed to know about? Maybe, it’s an ordinary plane that they really didn’t want to admit fell to its demise. All of these are a possibility. Either way, I really hope to follow up with this story once I can speak with WTVM, discuss it with anyone I can find at the airport and maybe find out who this mysterious man was that reported all of this. In many other stories, I studied and referenced Jim Miles along with his unbelievable work. There’s one thing I’ve found about him and that is the fact that he researched very thoroughly. You can usually take his word that it did happen. In either case, for now, what say you? Did you witness it? Are you wanting to open up about this and discuss it? Even if you don’t want to go public, please, reach out. It won’t be difficult to keep you anonymous!

as far as that video? Check it out for yourself right here or at and let me know what you think. Read the description and gather your own opinion. It does seem like the creator researched it heavily. I really can’t tell because I’m not a local to the area, I’m more familiar with everything east of this area. Undoubtedly, though, this one will leave you scratching your head and saying “hmm?”.


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