Middle Georgia Haunted History was founded originally as a project to launch a “historical” tour agency. This was quickly dispelled as the founder, Tim Mosely, along with his former team fell in love with history and its preservation efforts. He quickly realized that by using local legends and lore, we could bring positive interest to historical efforts. He has always believed that Middle Georgia has just as much, if not more history than Savannah, but it needs your help!

In 2022, Middle Georgia Haunted History launched on Facebook and gained over 2000 followers within its first quarter of a year. During that time, successful fundraising for a local historic foundation was done, many new friends were met, and hours of research were performed. That was just the beginning! Today, the site and solely operated by Tim and has been renamed Middle Georgia’s History Uncovered.

There is no doubt that this site would be nothing without its readers and followers. You are just as much a part of History as this page is! Always do your part to be the best community member you can be!