Welcome to Middle Georgia’s History Uncovered. After you’ve read this go enjoy the page and support Middle Georgia!

Beware and enter at your own risk. There are things you need to know about us moving forward.

If you’ve come here looking for new places to “investigate” the paranormal, you’ve come to the wrong place. However, if you’re interested in the stories and legends, along with the actual history, you’re in luck!

This is not a paranormal investigative site. This is not a hub to advertise a paranormal group. Any and all plugs will be deleted and possibly blocked. Please me if you’d like to discuss your group in the future.

Although some of these locations may be tempting to go to, remember there are laws to follow. Not only that, some places can be dangerous, and frankly, you don’t need to go. This site is only a history lesson and not an invitation to go (unless stated in the case file that you can).

I respect and want to help protect historical sites and condemn trespassing and vandalism of any kind. For some areas, even taking video and still pictures without permission is illegal. Follow all of your local, state and federal laws and obey the rules of these locations if you decide to visit these areas. STAY OUT OF CEMETERIES AT NIGHT

Remember, all locations and stories are 100 percent researched and true to my knowledge, unless spoken otherwise. They contain real people who had real lives and families, some of whom are alive today. It is not the intention of this site to be insensitive to them or the past. This page ask that you respect all lives, both living and deceased.

Some topics may involve difficult parts of American history. I understand this and only hope to share the history and truth while helping Middle Georgia build into a better community. The telling of these events are NOT acts of glorification.

This page is not responsible for any location, person or entity that breaks the law or causes physical or personal injury. Always consult with owners, your doctor or even your attorney before visiting any location mentioned on this site.

I strongly encourage everyone to visit places virtually and explore their websites. Often, there is a place to donate money, so you can help preserve historic Middle Georgia!!

Lastly, although I am a member of the Perry Area Historical Society, this page is not written by them nor does it reflect the opinions or beliefs held by the organization as a whole. This started with my own personal team (as you will find many stories written as “we” and “us”) and they were not members of the PAHS.

– Tim Mosely