There’s Something About That Bridge (Americus)

Middle Georgia’s History Uncovered has always been about dedication to the truth about what really happened via accurate (as possible) research.  This includes meeting with local historians, going to museums, buying local books, visiting as many libraries as possible and many other activities.  All of this goes into the work of bringing an authentic experience to the readers. Both historical and “haunted.”

One of the final things I try my best to do before sharing a story is to get permission (if it’s not public) and go to the locations to provide a true perspective. In doing so, I have kept it a goal to try and make all of Middle Georgia a better community.

With all of that said, there is one location that I will never return to on purpose.  That place is Three Bridges Road in Americus, Georgia.  More specifically, the two bridges near the end of the road that sit over Mukalee Creek.  Before we go over its history, here’s some back story about bridges. This is the case of Three Bridges Road.

If you are not aware, almost every town has a “haunted bridge.” There’s usually no significant documented history to them.  Just local legends like “crybaby bridge” (Columbus) or “devils bridge” (Cochran).  In my travels, I visited the majority of them, especially in Middle Georgia; unfortunately, there’s not much subject matter to share.  Oftentimes, it’s just an isolated bridge in the middle of the woods and, disappointingly, heavily graffiti-ed and vandalized.

Three Bridges Road falls into those categories; however, it does, in fact, have a dark history.  There is an unsolved murder that links this bridge, the creek under it, and another bridge just north of it.  This dates back to the 1970’s.  Tragically, there has also been a recent suicide on the bridge as well. 

Out of respect to any family members who may still be alive today, I’m not going to speculate on who/what “haunts” this area, nor do I believe it’s a good idea to dive any deeper into that murder case. The only purpose for sharing this piece of history is to show that there is a real tragic event that is connected to the area.  Please show kindness, thoughtfulness, and consideration should you choose to look up this case.

On this bridge, there have been reports of strange lights, noises, shadow people, along with disembodied cries and screams coming from the water below and forest surrounding the bridge.  There have even been reports of a large 12-to 14-foot tall figure looming in the woods around the bridges. Mainly driven by local lore and a website that has become the bane of my existence because it drives people to these locations at night. Nonetheless, I consider it to be all rumors. As you all know by now, I am not paranormal investigators, nor will I ever claim to be one.  Really, you can consider me an investigative researcher of history. For this reason, I never intend to visit the bridge.  Unless you’re to clean or fish during the day, it’s not a good idea for anyone to visit there, especially at night.  Do so at your own risk, or even better yet, don’t go.

Hey!  I hope you enjoyed this case! As mentioned in the post, this bridge is full of litter and debris.  It also contains heavy graffiti and could use a cleaning.  It is a public area and a well-known fishing spot during the day.  If you ever have the time, visit to learn more about the city and see if you can help clean up where needed!  Thanks for reading!

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