Hey, Griffin. It’s Not True

Middle Georgia Haunted History has always been dedicated to finding the truth about certain “hauntings”.  We’ve found that helping to bring the true history will capture the attention of the younger generation (to get them positively involved) while helping deter future desecration of historical sites (so we’ve been told).  With that said, in this case, we explore the story of the “Haunted Train Trestle Bridge” in Griffin.

The original story states that during the course of its history, there was a terrible accident that killed several men, women, and children at the site.  Some of the stories go into detail about how victims couldn’t be recovered until the next day due to  the intense heat of the flames.  Others included children being separated from parents; some even mentioned specific names.

Here’s what we found.  According to a person claiming to be a member of the “Roosevelt Railroad Museum,” there was never such an accident at this sight.   This same person, however, claimed that there have been deaths due to the “paranormal types” coming to the location and having accidents.  We found no record of either.

Nonetheless, what is known to be true is that there was indeed a terrible tragic accident north of the site, in McDonough.  This incident became known as the “Camp Creek Train Wreck.”  That site was once home to an extremely tragic locomotive event that did occur.  It shares similarities to the legend behind the old Griffin Train Trestle.  It’s likely that, over time, the two areas may have been confused with one another.  There are no reports of “hauntings” at Camp Creek.

We also do know that the Griffin Trestle is now unapproachable because the land around it or leading to it is now private property.  Please, never trespass for any reason.



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