It Used To Be A Funeral Home

Middle Georgia Haunted History is extremely appreciative of everyone who supports us.  Especially when they send us a location to look into. This particular story was brought to us by Lauren from Perry!

This property on Carroll Street in downtown Perry dates back to 1824 when it was “acquired” by Richard Smith in August of 1824 for just a little over 50 dollars.  He passed away two years later.

By 1840, the property would have been sold at least 5 times.  What is known is that livery stables belonging to the “Liberty Hotel” were eventually situated on this lot. 

In 1905, the property was purchased by Amanda Toomer for only 100 dollars.  She actually built the building you see now (same year) and used it as a merchandise store before converting it into a funeral home in 1915.

It’s important to note that Amanda Toomer may sound familiar to local Perry residents.  This is the same Toomer family that Toomer Road is named after.

After Amanda’s death, it was eventually converted into four apartments and still stands today.  She passed away in 1920.

As you may have already gathered, there are some other historically significant pieces of information about this property connecting to Amanda America Dickson (Toomer 1849-1893, give her a google search, trust me), who has ties to Hancock County. Due to that involving Hancock County with other locations, we will do a follow-up to cover that!

Chances are, if you’re from the area, you’ve walked or driven by this building before.  We had had three people say they get eerie and weird “vibes” from it.  We think that’s just because it was a funeral home at one time in the past.  No significant reports of hauntings have ever come from this property (to our knowledge).

Instead, you’ll notice there is a historical tour marker in front of the building.  Perry is so full of history that we don’t want to give it all away here. We obtained this information from the book, “A Ramble Through Olde Perry.”  This book has astonished us by showing just how much history Perry has and how deep it runs.

As with every location we share here, never trespass or vandalize any property.  With that said, next time you’re celebrating with the town of Perry or visiting, take a moment to admire all of the history that surrounds you.  It’s an amazing place!

Taken from the public road


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