A Ghost in Perry? The Case of the Civil War Soldier

People have sent many stories to us at Middle Georgia Haunted History along the way (and we absolutely love it!). From interviews, emails, messages and people calling us back after meeting us, it can get exciting to us.  Especially when we hear a story that we’ve never read about.  What’s more, is when it becomes a story that is repeated to us from a lot of locals in the area.  This case is about the “Civil War soldier” who has been spotted roaming the streets of Perry.  We feel that it’s become important enough to us now to address it. This was our first exclusive story on our Facebook page.

We began that page with minimal followers.   That is, until we got our first big share with The Swanson out of Perry (thank you Christi).  What we didn’t disclose is that while interviewing one of the owners of that establishment, we came across at least a half dozen local Houston County legends and lore.  One of them was reports of different people who have witnessed this man in uniform, walking past the restaurant.

As time went on, we heard this story from no less than ten people over the course of a few months. All of them share similar occurrences.  He has been spotted on Washington Street, Carroll Street, Main Street, Ball Street and even in the parking lot of the New Perry Hotel.  Some saw him in broad daylight, others at night while driving by.  Two witnesses said that he disappears when he gets past the Hotel mentioned above.  It appears that the “encounter” is something that occurs at random.  That makes it unique. 

Before going any further we have to make a few things clear.  The first is that we take every report of “paranormal” encounters with a grain of salt, as most are just not true or exaggerations (not saying these people were, just a general observation we’ve made over time).  The second is that this is in no way, shape or form an invitation to be roaming the streets of downtown Perry at night looking for “ghosts” that may or may not exist.  That’s a seriously awful idea unless an official allows you to do it. We are only discussing it because it’s been reported so many times to us, we feel it needs to be addressed.  Particularly to avoid rumors floating about the history of the area that are not true and to prevent nightly visitors and trespassers around the town.  (Not to sound like duds, but we are fully aware that people do bad things sometimes).

We hope you know us well enough by now to understand that we one hundred percent dug into the historical background of Perry involving the Civil War before deciding to bring this to our followers.  What did we find?  Simply put, there were no notable battles, deaths or skirmishes in Perry pertaining to the war. 

Did soldiers have homes in Perry?  Of course they did.  They had them everywhere in the South.  In fact, many graves in Evergreen are marked with “CSA” on them which indicated “Confederate States of America.”  Again, it’s a terrible idea to be anywhere near that cemetery at night.  On the other hand, it’s a peaceful and beautiful place to visit during the day!

So, what are these people seeing?  We have no idea.  These were credible people, we must add.  As we’ve said many times before, “hauntings” are not our thing to decide, but history is.  It’s the only thing that can be proven. We plan to dig deeper into the areas he is spotted in and into soldiers who survived the war and were later buried nearby.   Once we get any information about any clue that is significant to this story, we will promptly update you all on what we find!  Also, let us know if you’ve seen him!



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